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Engineer Susan at her deskNow that you've designed the parts that every satellite has, you can start designing the parts specific to your satellite's function. This is called your satellite's payload.

Step 4:
Decide what instruments will make up your satellite's payload.

Think about what your satellite needs to do (you can refer back to what you've written in your notebook).

Seeing things, called imaging, is very important to almost every satellite. Whether the satellite is taking a picture of something deep in space, something very small on Earth, or the cloud formations that cover the Earth, the satellite needs an instrument to take the pictures. That instrument is usually specific to that satellite. For example, if the satellite needs to take pictures of the Earth in the dark, then the satellite needs equipment to do that. Now, if a satellite is involved with communications, then it will carry special antennas for transmitting and receiving many signals. Here are some instruments that your satellite could use to...

Once you've decided on all the instruments you're going to use, write them in your notebook and click on Continue.

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