Canada sends thousands of men and women on peacekeeping missions every year. These missions can last from only a few weeks to many months. Often the peacekeepers must go to countries very far away, and they must live in conditions very different from what they are used to. So, these peacekeepers often get very lonely. Separated from their families and their homes, they often long for contact with anything familiar. Canadian television, radio, and contact with their families at home are very precious to them.

Because they are so far away, often in dangerous, remote places, it difficult for the peacekeeping troops to give and receive their orders. It is necessary, therefore, that they have very good and very reliable communications equipment that will work in remote locations and under difficult conditions.

Can you design a satellite that could help Canadian peacekeeping troops? Think about what your satellite must do, what it must look at, and what kind of transmissions it must send. All of these factors will help you to design a satellite that will help solve the problem described.

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