Canadian Satellite Questions and Answers

Satellites are an important part of Canada. Not only is Canada a leader in the field of satellite design, satellites also help all Canadians in their daily life. When you make a phone call, check the weather forecast, watch TV, take a boat trip, study Jupiter at school, or even when you're reading this website, you're probably using a satellite.

To have some of your questions about Canada and satellites answered, click on the questions below. Test your Canadian satellite knowledge - can you answer any of the questions yourself?

1. Why are satellites important to Canada?

2. Who is John Chapman?

3. Who is George Klein? And what is a STEM, anyway?

4. What was Canada's first satellite?

5. What is the David Florida Laboratory?

6. What are some current Canadian satellite projects?

7. Has Canada won any awards for satellites?

8. What does the Canadarm have to do with satellites?

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